We are playing our first show at Whisky A Go Go on July 15th, opening for A Skylit Drive! Ticket details coming soon!
Based in Los Angeles, CA
Founded in 2017
Genre: #Heavy Metal  #Metalcore 

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Altered Revelations_Haunted_AlbumCover_w
Altered Revelations_Haunted_AlbumCover_w

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Altered Revelations is a four-piece heavy metal outfit and all members are multi-instrumental. The band's message is centered around the premise of making cinematic heavy music.  All of their songs are written to tell a story and put the listener into an atmosphere that more resembles a movie score than just a song.
Garrett (guitarist/drummer/vocalist) and Lane (drummer/vocalist) moved to Los Angeles in 2014, where they brought Michael Soler (guitarist/vocalist) and Ian Lopez (bassist) into the fold. The live show is where they really try to shine. Their ever-changing high energy performance is unique and has caught the eye of the local SoCal scene. 
They've also earned a diverse host of accolades in their brief time as an active band. The music video for 'Reaper's Hollow' was voted "Best Musical Short" at BPPI Film festival 2019, and their parody workout program, 'HardCoreRobix' has been hailed as "The Best Mosh'll Arts Training In The World". 
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Despicable- Official Video

Something Lighter


Garrett Nobriga

Guitar - Drums - Vocals

Lane Nobriga

Drums - Vocals

Ian Lopez


Michael Soler

Guitar - Vocals


"Altered Revelations sets to create a journey for every listener and shapes their music as epic, cinematic stories while staying true to the heavy metal genre."

The band from Los Angeles presented a first impression of their musical idea with their debut EP “The Architect”. The title-giving protagonist is an allegory that stands for the creativity and narrative art of the musicians and thus forms a real listening experience out of abstract terms that impresses with fat riffs and breakdowns.

Hellfire- Magazin

Music Video Premier

Musically, Reaper’s Hollow is on the punchier end of the heavy metal scale. It’s a lot of fast, riff-heavy sections that drop into chugging grooves, all of which deliver some instant gratification to fans of the hardcore genres.

Reaper's Hollow

Winner- Best Music Short

"This is literally John Wick part 5."

HardcoreKeem- Youtube 

Reaction To Despicable

"I like the part where everybody died!"

Jose from Los Angeles

Review Of Despicable

Garrett Nobriga
(904) 347-9584
Garrett Nobriga
(904) 347-9584